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Optikseminar 27. Januar 2015 - Universität Rostock

Kategorie: Institut für Physik

Entanglement in composite quantum systems may involve two or more constituents, but it may also involve most or all subsystems. I will discuss tools that permit to identify how many constituent contribute to the entanglement in mixed states. In a similar fashion also quantum coherence of a single object can be characterised and the range of coherent delocalization strongly affects the object’s interference properties. With the help of complex networks, one can identify robust geometrical structures that result in constructive interference with good transport properties.

Authors: Universität Rostock

Lesen Sie mehr http://www.uni-rostock.de/aktuelles/alle-meldungen/detailansicht-der-news/news-artikel/optikseminar-27-januar-2015/

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